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Akshay Tripathi

Akshay Tripathi

The most recent PNP results accept British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba candidates.

PNP Results Include BC, Alberta, and Manitoba Candidates.    Oct 20 2023
The most recent PNP results accept

The application process for provincial nomination is open to candidates in three Canadian provinces.

Under Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), candidates are encouraged to apply if provincial governments feel they will fit well with the workforce and help close skills gaps in high-demand industries.

Through a procedure known as enhanced nomination, the provinces choose applicants from the federal Express Entry pool of applications or from those who apply directly to the provincial government (base nomination).

Although it strengthens an application, being nominated through a PNP differs from obtaining permanent residence status. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) must still receive a separate application from each selected individual.

Immigration outcomes by province, October 6–12.

The British Columbian

In the most recent BC PNP draw, which took place on October 11, British Columbia invited over 180 candidates.

The province held four targeted drawings for applicants. The International Graduate and Skilled Worker categories could be rewritten for clarity. International Graduate and Skilled Worker categories refer to individuals who have completed their studies abroad and workers with specialized skills.

One hundred eighteen applicants working in tech fields were invited to the biggest draw. To be considered, a score of at least 90 was needed.

The following are the results of the final three draws. A minimum score of 60 was required for candidates in each occupation.

1. 45 early childhood instructors and support personnel
2. Medical professionals: seventeen
3. Less than five other priority occupations

The Manitoba

On October 5, Manitoba held four drawings and invited 542 people to submit nomination applications.

Candidates in the Manitoba category of Skilled Workers were eligible for two drawings. First, 219 candidates working in professions included in the significant National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021 groupings were drawn based on their occupation.

1. 72-Technical trades, controllers and officers of transportation
2. 73: General commerce
3. 75-Aides, laborer's, and additional drivers, operators, and laborer's in the transportation industry

To be considered, candidates had to receive a minimum score of 610.

Applications were not evaluated according to a particular characteristic because the second skilled worker draw was generic. The province invited two hundred twenty-two applicants who scored at least 629.

Additionally, the two remaining draws welcomed 41 applicants from the International Education stream and 60 candidates from the Skilled Worker Overseas category, which required a minimum score of 601.

The Alberta

Thirteen applicants from the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Alberta job offer stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program were invited to participate in a minor draw held in Alberta on October 10. A minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 327 is required for all candidates in this stream to be eligible for Express Entry.

There are presently fewer than ten applications in the queue, according to Alberta, which reported allocating 1,462 nominations for candidates under this stream for 2023. Plus, it indicates that there are about 1,383 allocations left.

🌟 Latest PNP Results: BC, Alberta, Manitoba Candidates Accepted 🌟

In the most recent Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) results, candidates from British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba have been selected and accepted for immigration. Migrate Zone can assist potential candidates with information, guidance, and support in navigating the PNP application process for these provinces.

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