Visitor Visa UK

Visitor Visa UK

UK tourist visa for Indians – How to apply, tips, and requirements

The UK visitor visa is also recognized as the Standard Visitor Visa. It is the UK short-stay visa that lets its visa holder stay in the UK for up to 6 months. This visa is established for those that wish to travel to the United Kingdom for purposes of Tourism, to visit family members, to obtain medical treatment.

Visitor Visa UK

To visit the United Kingdom, Indian citizens need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa which will permit them to visit the country for an outing, to meet family members/relatives/friends / for business/recreation.

The top popular tourist destinations in the UK are London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bath, York, Blackpool.


The total time of the visa application process is approximately 3-4 weeks, the UK Standard visitor visa is an online visa with an appointment at is to submit your application and documents. You can stay up to 6month once you get the visa.

The UK visit visa is applicable for:

  • Visiting friends and family in the UK.
  • Visiting the UK for leisure and tourism.
  • Visiting the UK for medical reasons.
  • Other non-business activities.

Eligibility & Validity

For Indian inhabitants, the requirements for a standard visitor visa for the UK are that the applicant should have proof of income, evidence of any business or Job, return tickets, or other events that they have to state as the main reason for visiting the UK in the application form.