Australia Student Visa services

Job Placement

To fetch a job is one of the most important aspects for your living in Australia. Being a student you are allowed to work for 40hrs/fortnight. Being a fresher in Australia it would become tough situation to find a job in the early days after landing. We help you secure your job before you step in Australia. This will make you confidence and you will have a peaceful stay.

Pre Visa Assessment

We check your eligibility for GTE before we opt for visa application or approaching Colleges/Universities. We also guide to fulfil the requirements of Education provider & Australian government.

Interview Preparation Guide

Passing interview is one the most important and difficult step for your entire process and to pass the interview you need the correct knowledge to answer the question asked. Our exclusive guide is a key to all your queries

Wide Choice of Colleges & Universities

Migrate Zone works with wide range of colleges and Universities in Australia and NewZealand.
This encourages you to choose from wide range of courses and at different locations as per your desire. Colleges and Universities offer you courses such as Diploma, Advance Diploma, Bachelors, Graduate Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma and Masters.

Working Under Streamlined Visa Process

Under the streamlined student visa processing arrangements, eligible student visa applicants from participating universities and eligible non-university higher education providers are assessed as though they are a lower immigration risk, irrespective of their country of origin.
Migrate Zone assesses your profile and prepares errorless documentation so that you increase your chances for visa approval

Free Assessment